T6. Th3 1st, 2024


The Abbotsford Heat is pleased to announce their newest member of the team…HAWKEY!

HAWKEY is a Red Tailed Hawk and has been a resident of the Fraser Valley his entire life.  Living on high bluffs and near the many fields and meadows that we call home here in the Fraser Valley, HAWKEY is a very friendly bird, and very territorial.  As a lifelong member of our community, he is very protective of his new nest, which is now the roof of the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre.  He welcomes everyone to his home…except the opposition!  As a hunter and a bird of prey, and also being six feet tall and 200 pounds, HAWKEY will protect his territory at all costs…and he needs your help to make the home of the HEAT as inhospitable as possible for visiting teams.

HAWKEY is fun loving and gentle, but also rambunctious and rowdy when the need arises.  HAWKEY will serve as the Team Mascot at all HEAT home games, but will also be our Community Ambassador, spreading goodwill at schools, functions, community outings and many other events.

To inquire about HAWKEY and if he can visit your function or school, please email Abbotsford HEAT Community Relations Manager Sarah Garrett.  Her email is [email protected].  To call Sarah directly, please call 604-743-5054. 

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